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The complete pet goldfish care guide for every beginner and novice owner.

  • Here you can get information on: setting up a tank, how to perform routine maintenance, feeding tips, treating sick fish, tank accessories, decorations, aquatic plants and more.

  • With proper aquarium maintenance, a goldfish can live a long and happy life.
    Feel free to bookmark this site and use it as a guide for answering questions.

Learn How to take care of a goldfish in a:

Fish BowlAquarium TankGarden Pond

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  • In our fish bowl section, you can find a good amount of information for beginners on how to get started. Read about: caring for a goldfish in a bowl that you might have won at a fair, Learn about the anatomy of your new pet, or, find a few fun facts.

  • If you’re considering building a garden pond, our section on ponds will help answer all your questions. Find info on: setup basics; maintenance through the seasons; dealing with the weather and outdoor temperatures; learning how to care for aquatic pond plants and marginals.


Find Supplies You Might Need

  • For those of you with a fish tank, our Aquarium section is full of resources on how to maintain a proper tank, running tests on the water parameters, diagnosing and treating a fish for an illness and you can get information on all the different types of breeds that are available.

Author: Tim Winter

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