Beginner: Goldfish Water

water change timeOptimal Conditions

One of the most important things when it comes to goldfish care is to have optimal aquarium water conditions. Doing so will ensure your goldfish are happy and healthy. The following are the main things you should be concerned with  when it comes to water parameters.


You should use cooler water around 70*F (21*c). Goldfish can live safely in waters that are between 55-80F. Lower than 50 and higher than 85 are the danger zones and these temperatures can kill your goldfish. Some goldfish can survive in ponds down to a few degrees about freezing 32F. Some goldfish pond owners have claimed to have their ponds frozen over and they survived. On the other extreme, they can survive in temperatures as high as in the mid 90s but only for a short time. The most common cause of death when it comes to water temperature for a goldfish is rapid changes in temperature.

pH Range

The water should have neutral pH of 7 or a pH that the bowl presently has. They can live happily in water with a pH of 6-8.5 pH but they don’t do well when the pH is changed to quickly. Buy a test kit to check your tank’s pH level and the water you plan on using to replace it with. See more on Adjusting Aquarium pH.

Chemical Free

The tank water should contain no chlorine or chloramine. If you use tap water, let it sit over night to allow the chlorine to evaporate or get aquarium dechlorinator drops to treat the water. If you don’t know if you tap has chlorine, if you get your water from the city, it will more than likely have it.

Without Waste

As your fish lives in its bowl or tank, it will go about eating as well as producing waste. This will change the chemistry of the water. Ammonia will build up and can kill a fish if these levels get too high. See goldfish ammonia poisoning for additional information. You can test the tank water for ammonia using an ammonia test kit. If the levels are high, it’s time to change the dirty water.

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Author: Tim Winter

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