Beginners: Goldfish Bowl Size

A Warning about Bowls

A basic rule on the amount of living space your goldfish needs to stay healthy is 10/15 gallons (38-57 liters) or so per every one fish. Some people say you need 20 gallons per goldfish but realistically, not everyone is going to have a 20 gallon goldfish bowl with just one fish in it? They can in fact survive in a smaller size tank, but, it can stunt their growth and potentially shorten their life-span if you never upgrade to a larger living space as the fish grow. Additionally, a small bowl will require a lot more maintenance to keep the bowl clean and the goldfish healthy. Read about the Nitrogen Cycle or the next beginner post on Goldfish Bowl Water for more info on water quality.

increase your goldfish's bowl sizeTips on Keeping Your New Pet Healthy

The more goldfish you have in a tank, the more oxygen that is required to keep them healthy. Try adding an air pump to agitate the surface of the water or place some live aquatic plants into the bowl since they give off oxygen too.

Another good tip on maximizing oxygen in the water is, the greater the amount of surfaces area, the more oxygen in the water; the water at the top of the bowl that is open to the air above. Choose a wide goldfish bowl over a tall narrow one. If you have the classic bubble shaped goldfish bowl, don’t fill it to the top since filling it to the top doesn’t provide the most surface area. Understand that more surface area is better than more water, when it comes to your goldfishes health.

If you fail to follow some of these goldfish care suggestions , your pet can suffocate and die. See more about this at Low Oxygen Levels.


Do you need a bigger tank?
While we recommend at least a 10 gallon aquarium, we understand that not everyone can afford to upgrade to that right away or don’t have the space. Therefor, we feel it’s important that an owner gets the largest tank that they can afford. Any upgrade in the size of bowl is a step in the right direction. Take a look at the following options and see if they are a good solution to your current situation.

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Author: Tim Winter

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