Goldfish and Algae Eaters

Q: Can I introduce an algae eater or pleco fish into a goldfish tank to control the algae growth?

A: Algae eaters should not be in the same tank as a goldfish for many reasons.

  • The pleco and algae eater live in waters around 78-82 degrees and the the goldfish prefers 66-74 degrees
  • Many plecos and algae eaters can grow up to 18 inches which would reduce the amount of goldfish you can stock
  • Goldfish have a tasty slime coat that plecos and algae eater like to snack on; leaving your goldfish susceptible to disease.
  • You would need multiple plecos and algae eaters since they
  • Algae is also in your goldfish’s diet. It acts as a laxative and combats constipation.
  • Some algae is beneficial to the overall health of your goldfish aquarium by creating oxygen and feeding on extra nutrients.

Aquarium snails are another algae eater that you should also avoid introducing into your goldfish tank.

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