Goldfish Eye Diseases

There are many issues that can be problematic for your fish. Many of these can involve the eyes. The following conditions are caused by multiple things including: bacterial infections, fungal infections, parasites, viruses and of course trauma. Depending on the cause, there are different types of medications and bath treatments that can help. Some issues might lead to a loss of the injured eye but don’t be overly concerned because goldfish are hardy and can live quality lives with limited or even no vision.

Goldfish Eye Problems

  • White cotton like growth that covers the entire eye of the goldfish is due to a saprolegnia fungus. (Treatment: Forma Green -or- copper sulfate.)
  • Cloudy iris is caused by a bacterial infection. (Treatment: Amoxicillin -or- Gentamycin.)
  • Entire eye of goldfish becomes cloudy could be caused by flukes; a parasite. -or- a bacterial infection. (Treatment: Melaleuca)
  • Translucent film over the eye could be caused by a bacterial infection. (Treatment: Gentamycin Sulfate -or- Kanamycin Sulfate -or- TMP Sulfa. )
  • Translucent film over the goldfish’s eye and parts of the body could be a protozoan infestation. (Treatment: Metronidazole -or- Quinine Sulfate -or- Nitrofuracin Green.)
  • An eye that falls out can be caused by injury from a fight or accident; -or- from goldfish tuberculosis. (Treatment: injury: Nitrofuracin green or Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Stress Coat. Tuberculosis: Kanamycin and Vitamin B-6.)
  • Swelling and redness could be an injury from a fight or accident; -or- a bacterial infection. (Treatment: For bacterial infection: Gentamycin. Injury: Nitrofuracin green or stress coat solution.)
  • Goldfish eye popping out “pop-eye“, occurs when a fish has a kidney infection. (Treatment: For kidney infection: Erythromycin. Injury: Nitrofuracin green. stress coat solution)
  • When both eyes pop out and the goldfish has body sores, ulcerations and raised scales, the goldfish might be suffering from abdominal dropsy -or- ‘hole in the side’ disease infection. (Treatment: AntiBacteria Therapy Oxolinic Acid and Oxytetracycline and forma-green.)

Try a precautionary treatment that helps keep bacteria, fungus and parasites from becoming established in your goldfish tank or pond: Tetra DesaFin

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Blind Goldfish

Many serious goldfish eye injuries can heal, even if it causes them to go blind. A goldfish with a missing eye can live out its life without any issues. Even if it is completely blind, it can still sense its surroundings by using its lateral lines, sense of hearing and sense of smell. To feed a blind goldfish, try using sinking pellets so the blind goldfish can feel around on the substrate to find its food. Make it a habit to feed the goldfish in the same location in the tank or pond to maximize the chances of the blind goldfish finding food.

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