Goldfish Water Temperature Extremes

How to Adjust Goldfish Water Temperature

Goldfish can survive in a wide range or water temperatures but at the high and low extremes, the health and happiness of your goldfish diminishes. At very cold temperatures, goldfish go into semi hibernation, sit at the bottom and don’t eat much. This is not life threatening to the goldfish and they tend to bounce back when the water temperatures rise again; like when spring arrives to your outdoor goldfish pond. However, turning off a goldfish pond’s waterfall or fountain will help keep cold water from being cooled by outside air that can be much colder than the water itself. It also helps keep the colder water near the surface from mixing with the slightly warmer water at the bottom, hence why the goldfish stick to the bottom. In a goldfish tank or small pond, It’s an easy fix to adjust your goldfish’s water when its water is on the colder side; you simply add a heater and the water temperature rises. These heaters can come in designs like: aquarium glass mounted, under gravel

Goldfish can survive in warmer water but there is less oxygen in warmer water, increased bacteria growth and goldfish are more susceptible to becoming sick. Cooling the water temperature in a pond or tank that is too hot (over 85-90*F) is a little more tricky than heating the water. First it’s important to run all the fountains waterfalls, or air bubblers to maximize oxygen in the water. Next, if it is possible, move the goldfish tank or pond out of any direct sunlight. If that is not possible, try adding some temporary plants to shade the water. If none of that lowers the water temperature enough, fill up some plastic milk jugs or soda bottles, freeze them and then place them in the goldfish water. They will slowly unfreeze and hopefully drop the water temperature.

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